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Free Bitcoin - tips to maximize profits

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FreeBitcoin is one of the oldest and most serious sites that gives Bitcoins every hour for free.

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Of course, registration is free and no payment is required.

Basic tips

To get the most out of getting free Bitcoins, turn on the audio alert:

If you leave the page open in the browser, a short sound will notify you of it 1 hour after your last claim. You can work on your computer without having to go back to the page to check if you can make another claim.

In addition to Bitcoin, you get two interesting bonuses for each claim. Internal lottery tickets and reward points. Since it is virtually impossible to win a lottery, it is much more reasonable to exchange them for reward points.

Click "MORE" in the top menu, then click "PROFILE":


From now on, you will no longer receive tickets to the internal lottery, but you will earn more reward points.

Effective use of reward points

Reward points have many uses, but we only care about one. Click "MORE" in the top menu, then click "REWARDS":

At the top of the screen, you'll see the status of your reward points (RP):

Click "FREE BTC BONUS" at the bottom of the screen:

Click on the "REDEEM" button according to your reward points (RP):

In this example, we received a 100% bonus on Bitcoins claim, so we get 2x more Bitcoins each time you claim. This bonus is valid for 24 hours.

Earn interest on your Bitcoins

Bitcoins that you have in your FreeBitcoin account can bear interest. Click "EARN BTC" in the top menu:

You will see the conditions under which it is possible. Currently, the annual interest rate is 4.08%, but you must have more than 0.0003 Bitcoins on the FreeBitcoin account. The proportion of interest is credited every day.

If you fail to collect 0.0003 Bitcoins for a long time, you can send Bitcoins to your FreeBitcoin account. Click "DEPOSIT" at the top of the screen:

You will see a Bitcoin address where you can send any amount of Bitcoins.

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